dissabte, 10 de juliol de 2010

Escola de San Francisco (California)


James Harding, Preschool, Elementary and Middle School Music Teacher
BS, Yale University, Biology
Orff Schulwerk Certification, University of California, Santa Cruz
I saw a music class here back in 1989 - two groups of 2nd graders making up dances to a simple folk tune. I was delighted to see the children working together with such joyful intelligence. It was clear to me that they were having fun but also taking the process of creating seriously. This describes the students I work with at The San Francisco School today. jharding@sfschool.org

Sofia Lopez-Ibor Alino, Music Teacher
Music Pedagogy, Royal Conservatory of Music, Madrid
Music & Dance Education, Orff Institute, Salzburg
Music is the heart of The San Francisco School community. All children participate in the program, sing, dance and play. I work in music education because I am more interested in the process of making music than in being a performer only working on the final product. I became a teacher because while growing up in Spain, I was a student at a school that had an Orff program and every day after school, I went home thinking I wanted to be a music teacher. slopezibor@sfschool.org

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